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Used MacBook Air

If portability is one of your main requirements, then it's hard to look past the MacBook Air. While the first MacBook Air was criticized for being under-specced and overpriced, the latest models are much more affordable and have internal components more in line with Apple's other Macs - making them equally suitable as portable home or work machines. They come in two screen sizes - 11-inch and 13-inch.

How much should I expect to pay for a used MacBook Air?

As with all computers, the age and specification largely determines how much you can expect to pay for a used MacBook Air. However, models released over the past few years typically sell for £400 - £800. If you already know which model you want to buy, you may want to take a look at eBay's completed listings to see what people have recently paid for them.

Used MacBook Airs for sale

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